5 Tips on the Art of Forgiveness

Are you stuck in a rut and cannot seem to find the end of the tunnel?  Did you ever think that you might possibly be preventing yourself from moving forward by holding onto past hurts and other emotional baggage?  In my practice, I have met so many clients who truly want to change the course of their direction but simply have no clue on how to proceed. I have found that the initial step to enjoying a real sense of inner peace and calm in life is to first learn the art of forgiveness. Don’t laugh. I mean it. We all hold onto resentful feelings and guilt. That in itself is not the main problem, however, when we let these emotions take over our daily living and even our entire lifetimes that is where the situation becomes life-threatening. It’s not easy carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders when you’re trying to climb a mountain and it is most problematic when we are hoping to heal our lives and heal our bodies.


Let’s discuss five tips that can help you learn the art of forgiveness so you too, can begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor without the added stress of that heavy load you’ve been shouldering. From here on out, I want you to remember the acronym: SILLY.

1.   Strategize. With any successful encounter, we have to plan a strategy that works best to benefit our individual lifestyles.  What do you really want out of life? If you are trying to climb the corporate ladder or just want to find a good sense of inner peace with yourself or a significant other, then you must gear yourself up to meet the task at hand. That means you need to come to terms with your emotions and draw out a plan of action to put those monsters to rest. First, write out all the feelings you’ve been harboring guilt, anger, frustration, malaise, intimidation, inferiority, low self-esteem, hatred, sorrow… you name it, write it down. Now, look at that list. One by one, I want you to try and recreate each feeling associated with the word you have written. Then say out loud to yourself – “I release”_________. Good! Next, cross off each word on your list as you move down the list Breath in. Smile. That’s the first step. 

2.   Implement. Since you’ve crossed off your list of negative emotions, you’ve already made a major step toward realizing your potentiality through forgiveness. Let’s take that and run with it… say aloud to yourself: “I forgive myself for ___________ (fill in the blank). My emotions no longer have control over me. I am in control of my life. I have let go of those negative emotions that have been holding me back! No words or feelings can stop me from moving forward from this moment onward.”

3.  Learn. We’ve all had past encounters that weren’t always the best experiences. The good news is that when we allow forgiveness in our lives, we are forgiving ourselves and releasing all the negative energies that have infiltrated our daily routines and relationships. You are actually setting in motion the healing of your life, the healing of your body. Know from your experiences that learning forgiveness is fundamental in creating happiness in life and as you begin to heal your life and heal your body, you move into a state of inner peace and contentment. Whether it’s an old supervisor who seemingly drove you to the brink of insanity or a past love that may have broken your heart—only you have the power over your emotions. Your boss didn’t make you insane. Your significant other did not break your heart. In all actuality, it was your emotions getting the better of you. So, let’s learn from those experiences and know that only you can determine your feelings and the outcome of those feelings. 

4.  Love. Ah, love is such a simple four-letter word but it holds such deep and profound meaning in itself. When you forgive yourself, you are honoring yourself and replenishing the love within you. Just as a beautiful rosebud opens to full blossom, you too will open to your full potential when you learn to love and forgive yourself so that you can become the beautiful rose among the thorns that life may toss your way. 

5.  You. You are a magnificent living thing. When you focus on yourself and learn that you have so many powerful and wonderful things going for you, you begin to understand the nature of life and how to better cope with negative events and encounters. When you breathe, are you intentionally working to breathe or is your inherent life force doing that for you? Your life force is the central, most significant aspect of your daily life. It keeps your heart pumping, your lungs breathing, your eyes seeing, your nose smelling, your ears hearing… and somewhere in the mix of all these actions is the intuitive consciousness that allows you to see beyond the realm of your physical constitution. Your intuitive consciousness is also constant. It never waivers. It never falters. But it is there for you and with you. It is that essence of “You” within that when released from the burdens of negativity becomes the abundant source of your very being. And it all begins with the power of forgiveness. 

Isn’t it time to become light-hearted and SILLY, bask in your uniqueness and just let forgiveness back into your heart so you can be the best you can be?  If you need more tools to help you on your life’s journey, consider ordering the three-part CD downloadable program on the Power of Forgivingness, the Gift of Healing.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, November 27, 2019